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Stand and Deliver

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Rating: 10 | Votes: 1

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Submitted by Unknown
If you teach, watch this movie. It will help you remember why you started. If it doesn't renew your passion to make a difference, find another job.

Submitted by Unknown
This is a great film about personal and group achievement in the face of adversity. The film amply demonstrates the critical importance of a dedicated teacher in the lives of struggling students. The action takes place in an East Los Angeles high school. The film is based on actual events. I especially like the film because I was living and working in the area when it was made. Several excellent performances, and a great cast overall.

Submitted by: April from USA
This is the only movie I show all school year. It is very motivational and the kids love it. It is great to watch before a standardized test. It helps kids believe in themselves. 10 stars all the way!