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The Greatest Salesman in the World

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Rating: 9.42 | Votes: 223

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Submitted by Unknown
It emphasized how much of what we think and do is based on habit and that it is possible to replace old habits with newer, better ones.

Submitted by Unknown
Outstanding!! This is a book which you should be looking forward to reading it. The Greates Salesman in the World is a beautiful book which will bring forward a strong desire to put your life in perspective. After reading this book, your thoughts and emotional drives, will change forever.

Submitted by Unknown
You MUST be ready to open your mind for this one. If you are, it's amazing! I have literally made a complete turn around in my life since reading this book 1 1/2 yrs ago. Thanks so much Og, we miss you.

Submitted by Unknown
Simple and Superb not just Simply Superb

Submitted by Unknown
This is one of the most powerful books every written on selling. It is inspirational, and highly recommended.